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Party Pig Beer Dispenser - Online Video

The Party Pig® Beer Dispenser      ***     The Party Pig®  dispenser is a self contained 8.5 liter (2.25 gallon) reusable beer package/ dispenser that keeps beer fresh and carbonated.  

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The Party Pig® 
Beer Dispenser   
Party Pig®  dispenser is a self contained 8.5 liter (2.25 gallon) reusable beer package/ dispenser that keeps beer fresh and carbonated.
The package is easy to carry and fits into standard refrigerators. 
What makes the
Party Pig®  package so different?
This package uses the patented Q-Paq ™ technology
to maintain beer freshness while dispensing the perfect draft every time.
Using the Party Pig® package will make your brewing less complicated – one large bottle vs multiple smaller bottles and certainly more convenient than kegs.
With care, the components will last for many years.
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Party Pig®  & Instructions tabs 
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With the Party Pig® it's just "Press, Pour and Enjoy!"


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