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updated Aug.31st 2015
Great News for our loyal "Party Pig" Customers!!!
Quoin is in the process of finalizing the sale of our
Party Pig Beer Dispenser Business
to a local manufacturing company.  
They are well acquainted with the "PIG" and are ready 
and willing to get started in the next few months. 
The Party Pig Store will remain open
until we pass the baton to the new owners. 
A formal announcement will follow as soon as we have details.

Thanks again for your support and patience.  

The Store is Open However... WE ARE OUT OF POUCHES..     see note below

It is with sad hearts that we have decided to halt production
of the "Party Pig" beer package, after 23 years.
We DO have all "Party Pig components and replacement parts in stock.
We have greatly appreciated your business and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.
A lot of you have been asking:
Q: Where can we buy pouches?
   A:  Some Homebrew Shops did stock up before we ran out. 
         Check the Retail section of our website for HIGH LIGHTED BUSINESSES WHO MAY STILL HAVE PARTY PIG POUCHES IN STOCK. 
Q: When we will Quoin have pouches in stock?  
   A:  We will NOT have more Pouches in Stock
but the new owners will, hopefully in the next few months.  
Q: Are we interested in selling the Party Pig business?
   A:  Yes, we have a buyer and will post the details as soon as they are up and running.
Lowell, Mike and Diane    Quoin Industrial Inc.    303-279-8731


The Party Pig® Beer Dispenser   
Party Pig®  dispenser is a self contained 8.5 liter (2.25 gallon) reusable beer package/ dispenser that keeps beer fresh and carbonated.
The package is easy to carry and fits into standard refrigerators. 
What makes the
Party Pig®  package so different?
This package uses the patented Q-Paq ™ technology
to maintain beer freshness while dispensing the perfect draft every time.
Using the Party Pig® package will make your brewing less complicated – one large bottle vs multiple smaller bottles and certainly more convenient than kegs.
With care, the components will last for many years.
More details under the
Party Pig®  & Instructions tabs 
see the pull downs for     INSTRUCTIONS AND PIG FAQS
With the Party Pig® it's just "Press, Pour and Enjoy!"


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Party Pig® 
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