With the Party Pig, it's just "Press, Pour and Enjoy"!

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Welcome to The Party Pig Website - On-Line Store and Loads of Info on The Party Pig!

The Party Pig® Beer Dispenser

The Party Pig®  dispenser is a self contained 8.5 liter (2.25 gallon) reusable beer package/ dispenser that keeps beer fresh and carbonated. The package is easy to carry and fits into standard refrigerators. 

What makes the Party Pig®  package so different?

This package uses the patented Q-Paq ™ technology to maintain beer freshness while dispensing the perfect draft every time.

Who uses the Party Pig® ?

Well, Homebrewers to brew their own craft beers; Brew Pubs sell their brew in this package for longer refrigerator shelf life. The convenient size and fun shape makes a super gift for the brew meister in your family!

Using the Party Pig® package will make your brewing less complicated – one large bottle vs multiple smaller bottles and certainly more convenient than kegs. With care, the components will last for many years.

Need more details about the
 Party Pig®
  ... The Online Store will be opening soon with products and replacement items.  For specific product usage details we have .pdfs to download and video's to watch on the Instruction and Video page.  Many customers have similar questions which can be answered by visiting the our Frequently Asked Questions page.

With the Party Pig® it's just "Press, Pour and Enjoy!"
A Little About Us

The Party Pig® manufactured and marketed by NuLine Manufacturing, Inc and is sold directly to Craft Brewers, Brew on Premises (BOPs), Growler Shops & Homebrew Supply Shops, as well as homebrewers right here on this website.    See the Retail Locations Section for a Local Business near you.